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Does your smile suffer from sparkle separation? If tough stains, like those from age, tetracycline medication, or smoking plague your smile, Dr. Schuyler has a solution. Our office uses Dr. Rod Kurthy's Deep Bleaching™ system (http://www.korwhitening.com/) to remove stubborn stains from teeth quickly, comfortably, and for the long term.

Bleaching ExampleWith Deep Bleaching™, patients who have not found success with take home kits, whitening light systems, or other techniques can finally enjoy the bright, white smile they've been searching for. Deep Bleaching™ combines two in-office sessions with two weeks of take-home products for optimal results.

Common questions about Deep Bleaching™

  • Is bleaching safe?
    - Deep Bleaching™ is absolutely safe for your teeth and gums.
  • How long will Deep Bleaching last?
    - The amazing results of Deep Bleaching™ will last indefinitely if you continue to use the easy at-home maintenance.
  • Will I have to give up consuming my coffee, tea and red wine?
    - Not at all! Continue to drink the beverages you love with confidence that Deep Bleaching™ maintenance will keep your smile dazzling.
  • I've heard that bleaching can be painful, or I've had pain when I've tried to bleach my teeth before.
    - Deep Bleaching™ is a low-sensitivity teeth-whitening program. Clinical testing has shown that Deep Bleaching™ causes little to no sensitivity.

If you're ready for whitening that works, call our office today to schedule your Deep Bleaching™ session with Dr. Schuyler. We can't wait to make your smile spectacular!

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