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Micro-Abrasion & Aquabrasion
(Drill-less Dentistry)

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Drill-less DentistryMicro-Abrasion (micro sand blaster) and Aquabrasion (micro water sand blaster) are a relatively new technology in dentistry, for removing decay (cavities), that can be used in place of the traditional dental drill. That's right NO DRILL. Micro-Abrasion literally “wipes” decay away with a gentle stream of concentrated air and a mild abrasive (sand, ground down to 27 microns). For small- to medium-sized cavities, this technique is very effective.This innovative system allows Dr. Schuyler to conserve more of your natural tooth structure and reduce the risk of enamel micro-fracturing. Because the process does not produce vibration or heat, many times NO anesthetic is required. Micro-Abrasion processes are fast, comfortable, and quieter than the traditional dental drill.

Due to its quiet operation Micro-Abrasion is especially helpful in treating young patients who would normally be afraid of the dentist's drill. Besides removing decay, air abrasion works well in procedures ranging from repairing chipped, fractured or worn teeth, preparing tooth surface for bonding or sealants, preparing teeth for cosmetic surgery, removing stains and tooth discolorations, repairing broken crowns and bridges and repairing old fillings and sealants. Air abrasion is the best choice for children and others who are fearful of the drill and have minimal decay.

"With state-of-the-art Cosmetic and General Dentistry, Dr. Schuyler serves patients from the greater Wichita area. Call now to reserve your private consultation and comprehensive examination with Dr. Schuyler."

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